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I can't believe I’m sharing another COVID video. But seriously, this one is good. From the folks behind the YouTube channel "It's okay to be smart" comes a helpful reminder of how far we’ve come and what we need to do to move to the next step. Please watch. Please share.


Luking for a good movie? Luca is the tale of a sea monster who wants to see what life is like on land. The story takes place in a charming Mediterranean fishing village and features a cast of kooky yet loveable characters. With themes of diversity, acceptance, and inclusion, this was my favourite animated film of the year. Watch the trailer! 


Where happiness hides. We all think we know what will make us happy. More money. A better job. Love. But happiness doesn’t necessarily work like that. In this episode of Hidden Brain (one of my favourite podcasts), host Shankar Vedantam explores why happiness often slips through our fingers, and how to savour — and stretch out — our joys.