This is a Landscape

Spacious, refreshing, calming — Daniel's latest poetry collection explores notions of landscapes, both external and internal. Along with 61 carefully crafted poems, the book features a selection of landscape photographs taken from various corners of Canada. Simultaneously an ode to interiority and a tribute to the natural world, This is a Landscape invites readers to exhale and simply be present. 

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Wild Birds

When Daniel Baylis receives a promotion at his job with a travel magazine, he figures that his future is set. He makes an offer on a handsome condominium and prepares to settle into adult life. But when tragedy strikes his family, he swiftly rethinks his path.

Instead of dedicating himself to practicalities, Daniel goes hiking. Wild Birds is the story of his journey, a 1000-kilometre walk across Israel and Palestine. Along the way, Daniel visits a Franciscan monastery, sleeps in caves, traces the shoreline of the Mediterranean Sea, stays in the homes of Palestinians, celebrates Seder in the desert, and dances with Bedouins.

The journey is uncommon, and the story is refreshing—one that offers a counterpoint to standard western portrayals of the Middle East. Honest without being sentimental and insightful without trying to fix things, Wild Birds is a walking-paced tale of one person’s quest to understand more about the Holy Land and, ultimately, about humankind.

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A Submission to Love

A revealing debut collection of poetry exploring themes of romance, relationships, and resiliency. Punctuated with imagery by mixed-media collage artist Melanie Garcia, A Submission to Love is emotionally evocative and visually stunning. This is writing that requests to be visited again and again—poems for those who eagerly explore the frontiers of love.

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The Traveller: Notes from an Imperfect Journey Around the World

As Daniel Baylis approached his 30th birthday, he asked himself a tough question: Who’s at the steering wheel of my life? The verdict came back unclear, so he decided to take immediate action. He gave up his job and his rent-controlled apartment to tackle one of his biggest dreams — to travel the world.

With an objective to not only see places but also to experience them, Baylis spent an entire year sampling a variety of volunteer positions. From an elementary schoolroom in Peru, to Edinburgh’s Fringe Fest, to an organic goat farm hidden in the hills of Galilee (and many places and projects in between), he dove headfirst into immersive travel experiences.

With a touch of introspection and a heap of humour, The Traveller presents literary snapshots of twelve very distinct global destinations. What emerges is a portrait of an individual trying to be helpful, along with all the people who helped him along the way. Lively and compelling, The Traveller is required reading for anyone who dreams of international adventures—or for anyone who simply dreams.

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