A Submission to Love


UPDATE: The first edition is sold out. Next edition available in early 2021. Subscribe here for a reminder!

Daniel Baylis's debut collection of poetry explores themes of romance, relationships, and resiliency. Punctuated with imagery by mixed-media collage artist Melanie Garcia, A Submission to Love is an emotionally evocative and visually stunning collection. This is writing that requests to be visited again and again—poems for those who have braved the frontiers of love. 


The Traveller


As Daniel Baylis approached his 30th birthday, he asked himself a tough question: Who’s at the steering wheel of my life? The verdict came back unclear, so he decided to take immediate action. He gave up his job and his rent-controlled apartment to tackle one of his biggest dreams — to travel the world. (Keep reading…)

A memoir of Daniel's 1000-kilometre walk across Israel and Palestine is coming soon...